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Project #13

The collaboration tools which our group (That One Group) used was Skype,email, and Google +. During the Skype meeting with Chris and I, we discussed what subject and standard we was going to use for project #15. After the 30 minutes meeting, Chris and I collaborated with Kenesha by email giving her details on the subject and standard. The subject our group choose was math standard #5 on the Alabama Course of Study for kindergarten. The following day, Kenesha and I collaborated by using Google + and Skype. When came up with a template using Smartboard exchange, which involved counting objects. Once the template was discuss Kenesha completed the lay out for the meeting to record the project.
Skype symbol

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Blog Post #13

Brian Crosby

In the video Embed of My TEDx Talk by Brian Crosby he starts off by discussing fourth graders which rollover with him until the sixth grade. He also states that “90% of his students are second language leaners and they are at risk because they have free lunch.” He went on to talk about a survey he gave to students at the beginning of the year. Each student in his class has a blog and they also are involved in many projects with him. All his students’ embed video clips of their projects in their blog. He discusses how the students use many different sources in his class involving technology.

In my opinion Brain Crosby’s students are more advanced in using the internet than most adults and the big thing about that is they are second language learners. The students were not only blogging but they were also creating a wiki page. The students were embedding great projects in their blog. The project which really stood out was the high altitude balloon. I think it was great the students were able to explore beyond the classroom.

A Vision of Students Today
 student Vision
In the video it discusses how the everyday way of learning for students is changing. The video went on to talk about how much time and money students spend on books and in class. In many of the classes the teachers don’t even know the students names because an average college class size could be as high as “115 students.” Researchers suggest that “technology can save us” but many times students are not using their laptops in class doing classwork.

In my opinion the video is right about technology. I believe that college students spend a lot of money on unnecessary books and we waste a lot of time in the classroom. Many times I have purchased books that I never even use and I have been in classes that are a waste of time. I believe that they are a waste of times because the teacher is never prepared for the class. I love having online class because I am able to sit down in my own environment and do my work. I also believe that if a computer is used in class the student should in some way to restriction what sites they are allowed to use. When in class using a computer the student should complete class work and if they get caught doing something else a deduction of their grade should be the punishment.

Final Report on PLN

I have really enjoyed my PLN.  My PLN has kept me updated with the latest on education news all over the world. It has been very helpful for me with school and work.

C4K November Summary

Vitulli & Santoli: Eyes on Ireland The “Time-Traveling History Detective”
Vitulli & Santoli: Eyes on Ireland was about two students’ excitement for visiting Ireland.  They were excited that they were able to go on such a great trip and that they were able to share the trip with one another. I commented on the post giving them my best wishes. I also stated that I hope that they are able to learn all that they intended to learn and then some. I hope in between their learning process they are able to have all little fun!

Tennis Court Oath title=
Ibreesej13 blog post was about two students traveling back in time to the French Revolution with a MAC computer. Their MAC computer battery began to die so they walked around to find power. The post went on to discuss all the things that happened to them in French. They had to learn how to adjust to places in which they had never been. They had to deal with many different taxes and a corrupt voting system. I truly loved reading the post! It was a very exciting post to read. I learned so much from reading the post. It was great how Ibreesej13 incorporated the old and new times together.

C4T Summary November

David Warlick

David Warlick’s blog post Since Twitter was Unavailable was a great source of information. The post discussed details of a conference in which he attended Kuala Lumpur (EARCOS: Education Leadership Conference). In the conference David Warlick attended, Greg Whitby was the keynote speaker. David Warlick “tweeted” keynotes in between the spotty internet service. In one of his tweets he discussed “We shouldn’t be talking about schools of the future.” He believes that we have no way of knowing what the future may hold for our students, so we should be handling the right now. He also tweeted how we should “make learning compulsory and attendance optional.”

David Warlick’s post opened my eyes up even more about technology. No matter what we do technology may one day rule. I believe Mr. Warlick was trying to say that students should be able to sit at home to complete assignments. I also believe that he was trying to tell us that there is a good and bad side of technology. I agree with Mr. Warlick when he stated “The more personalized the education experience, the more we know about the learner and the quality of the learning.” In my opinion, that is the fine line between the good and bad. If a student completes work at home and never attends class then the teacher never gets to know the student personally. I agree that we do not know what the future holds for our student’s education. I believe that we should focus on the right now because many of our students are barely making to the next grade.

A Few Tweets from Leaders

David Warlick’s blog post A Few Tweets from Leaders discussed the month of October. In October he possibly attended several conferences on leadership. While writing the post he was in Tokyo’s Narita airport. In the airport, he tweeted several tweets about the Vermont conference. In the tweets, he discussed graduates, learning disabilities, and teachers not asking enough questions.

David Warlick believes that “The Graduates of today’s education need to be uniquely valuable, not identically valuable.” In my opinion he was trying to say that all should be labeled different, but held to the same standard. He also went on to say “often, a learning disability is not so much a difficulty in learning, as it is a difficulty in being taught.” I believe that he was trying to say that the students with the learning disabilities are not the ones having problems most of the time; it’s the teacher having problems learning how to help the students.

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Blog Post #12

1. Watch the video Math vs. Broccoli (2:21)

Think about what you have heard and write a two or more paragraphs following the requirements in writing a Quality Blog Post.
Number one

In the video Math vs. Broccoli, it discusses how the United States is in need of people who are qualified in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The video goes on to discuss how over 50% of the Economic expansion in the Unites States are STEM jobs. The problem is that students in Elementary and Middle school are failing math. This is a problem because 60% of new jobs will require skills in the STEM-related fields. Many teachers become frustrated with math related materials and by the 4th grade students begin to give up on math. The plan is to stop students from failing math “by changing what we teach and how we teach it.” This could be done by giving student’s visual interactive lessons and teachers will teach with digital lessons.

I believe that math is a very weak area for most students. Math does become very challenging in the fourth grade because that is when students begin using word problems. I believe if teachers used more visual interactive lessons the students will be able to get a better understanding of math. It is said that boys are better at math than girls, but I believe that it is now equal. Math is used in every area of your life. Math is a boring subject in when you read the problem on paper and complete it on paper. When taking my paper based Praxis test, the area in which I struggled the most was math. But once I took the test on the computer it was easy to complete the math problems. Math needs to be fun and exciting like science. Math should be more of a hands on subject because students are using their hands more.

2. Search the site Apple in Education
Find an app for math and discuss how you would you this app in your classroom. Sushi Monster is a great app which is compatible for iPhones and IPods’.
This game would be used in the math center on the iPods to help the students who are weak in addition and multiplication. The students would be allowed to practice on Sushi Monster before taking math drills. I would also use the game to keep up with the progress the students are making in the area in which the struggle. When student’s complete a level an email would be sent to me informing me if the students are ready for testing.

Teaching Science and Math

3. Read the blog post How to encourage Critical Thinking in Science and Math by David R. Wetzel. Get to know David Wetzel as a teacher. Write two or more paragraphs summarizing David R Wetzel blog post and your opinion on his post.

David Wetzel
David Wetzel is science and math teacher for grades k-12. He also has taught in continuing education, adult education, and the integration of educational technology in teaching and learning. Dr. David Wetzel’s blog post How to Encourage Critical Thinking in science and Math discusses how teaching students to use critical thinking in math and science can be a very difficult. Students who are able to use critical thinking can “move beyond the basic comprehension and rote memorization. “ Moving students beyond this level will help increase their “awareness when calculating, analyzing, problem solving, and evaluating.” This will allow the students to think outside of the box or become more aware of their lessons.

Dr. Wetzel discusses how to help students gain the ability to use their critical thinking skills. He believes that the teachers should show examples and the students should follow the teachers lead. Dr. Wetzel believes that teachers should “practice what they preach.” Dr. Wetzel suggested that the teachers should ask the students higher ordered thinking questions to help the students gain the understanding of critical thinking. He believes that the teachers should avoid questions that are easily answered. Questions teachers should avoid are yes and no answers. Teachers should ask questions that are above the child thinking ability.

I believe that Dr. Wetzel blog was a great post. Math is a very hard subject for most students. In my opinion, if teachers challenge students critical thinking ability they would become better at math. If teachers would combine technology and critical thinking, students would rank higher in their math abilities. I believe that students are poor in math because the teachers are poor in math. Math is a boring subject for both the teacher and the students. In my opinion, math is missing critical thinking skills for both the teachers and students and technology in the classroom. When a teacher combines the two it will make the teachers and students interested in math.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blog Post #11

Little Kids...Big Potential
Child on tablet
Ms. Cassidy’s YouTube video of her classroom full of first grade students using the internet was a great sight to see. The students were able to use a variety of different technology tools such as: blog, collaborate, Skype, wikis, use videos, use the classroom webpage, and the Nintendo DS. The few tools that the students used in class daily taught them how to write with a caring voice (peer edited), chat with professionals, and surf the internet safely. Each student was able to use the web without the assistant of the teacher. The student’s blog was more of a portfolio for the students, parents, and teacher to refer back to.

Ms. Cassidy’s class using the internet at such a young age was just amazing. The student’s were not just learning but they were having fun while learning. It showed how passionate the students were about the learning process and in my opinion made them crave learning even more. The student’s were working in small groups, checking their blogs with fascination, and seeing people respond to their blog posts. The video just shows how teachers can use technology in a positive and safe way for the student’s to learn.

Skype Interview with Ms. Cassidy
Kathy Cassidy
During an interview with Ms. Cassidy set up by Dr. Strange, she discusses the importance of techniques in her classroom. Ms. Cassidy discusses how she started working with technique in her classroom ten years ago. When she first received the computers, programs could not be downloaded unto the computers, so she then decided to use the computers the only other way she could. Her first step was setting up a class webpage, which opened up the door to all of the other technology tools she uses in her classroom.

During the interview Dr. strange asked several questions about technology, the support of the administrative, and teachers’ involvement in technology. Ms. Cassidy discussed with Dr. Strange that her administration really has not been negative or positive. She went on to discuss how “teachers are handicapping their students” if they do not take the time to understand technology. She also believes that “technology is not going anywhere.”

Watching the interview with Dr. Strange and Ms. Cassidy really opened my eyes to how even an Elementary school teacher needs to be more aware of the uses of the internet and it’s tools. Many of those first grade students were doing something that I just learned how to do this year. My main use of the internet was to just Google a topic or definition. Now that I have been in Dr. Strange class I have learned that it’s more to the computers then just Google. Technology is evolving and I hope to evolve with it. My passion is to become an elementary school teacher. Now I hope I can include technology in my class if not like Ms. Cassidy then better.

Friday, November 9, 2012

C4K Summary October

Learning English in Fuenlabrada E1A blog post written by Mauri was a post, which described an actor from Doctor Who. In the post the student gave several brief description of his favorite actor. The student began the post by asking everyone to leave a post if they could guess the actor. He then gave the main feature which would make it easy for someone to guess the actor such as; hair color, age, eye color, where the actor lives, and if he has a girlfriend. The post was written to help students learn the English language.
Mauri post was well written for a student learning the English language, while using technology. I discussed with him how the question was changeling because I never seen Doctor Who. After reading his post, I had to do some research on the show and the actors. Once I found the pictures of the actors I was able to narrow my answer down with the clues, which was given to me by Mauri. From the clues given my answer was Matt Smith.

C4K October 24 Casey’s blog was a post of listing which was complied with her favorite things. She began her post first by speaking to the world. She than listed the nine items and the answers located next them.

Casey’s List
Favorite Thing to do on the Weekend: Hang out with friends
Favorite Movie: The Blind Side
Favorite Book: Percy Jackson Series
Favorite Person: Not sure…
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Song: Believe Me – Fort Minor
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory
What do you want to be when you “grow up”? Baseball Player

Georgia Responses:
Casesy post was very creative and I truly loved answering the questions.
Favorite Thing to do on the Weekend: Spend time with my boys
Favorite Movie: The Avengers
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite People: Husband, David, Jeremiah, and Alan
Favorite Subject in School: Math
Favorite Song: Until I Pass Out-Uncle Reece
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
What do you want to be when you “grow up”? A teacher

C4T October Summary

All They Wanted
Becky Goerend
Mrs. Becky Goerend is a fifth grade teacher from Iowa and she has been teaching for six years. She loves attending conferences on assessment. During the conference Solution Tree PLC in St. Louis, Mrs. Goerend (Mrs. G) received a big slap in the face. Many of your students would ask her "How long does it need to be?" and in her mind she knew the question really meant “How short can it be to get by, Mrs. G?” other students caught on and began to blurt it out. She realized then that her students needed more writing examples. Without the conference Mrs. G would not have never know that her students needed more visuals. Mrs. G admitted that writing was not her best area, but she knew she had come up with a way to make it a strong area for her students. Her first steps to improving her students writing was to have more models posted and implement “Mentor text.”

Mrs. G post hit right at home for me because writing has been something that I have always struggled with. Many times, I will check and rewrite my work until I have completely ran out of things to correct. Mentor text sounds like a great ideal just by the title of the activity. Mrs. G did not go into details on how the Mentor Text works, but I am checking her blog periodically to get more details. One great tool an English teacher shared with me is to first read it out loud, next read it backwards, last share it with a friend or two.
Another Lesson from the Garden
old planets
old planets
In Mrs. G’s post on Another lesson from the Garden discuss how spring season has finally arrived and new plants are sprouting and old ones are dying. During this time Mr. G suggests that you “clean out the old plants so the new ones can grow.” She talks about how this technique could also be used in our “lifestyle.” Mrs. G states “If we allow the old to protect the new little plants, it shelters them from the cold for a while and after time the old must go for the new to grow.”
As a teacher, I feel that Mr. G is correct. With the metaphor that Mr. G used I applied it to my students and transition time. When it’s time for student to move on for the old activity into a new one, a teacher should implement transition. This allows the students and teacher to be free to grow (calm down) light shine on them (star students), eat (lunch), and rest (nap time).

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Special Blog Post

A world where grades will be left behind In the article, written by Mary Beth Marklein it discusses Udacity, an alternative way of getting an education founded by Sebastian Thrun . He believes in the next thirty years Udacity will be in full force. Udacity will consist of free learning, no tarries, no failing grades, and lessons which look like Angry Birds. Udacity will be taught by some of the world’s greatest professors around the world. Mr. Thrun is not only the founder of Udacity, but he is also the vice president of Google and a Stanford research professor. He is best known for his part in building Google’s driverless car.

During the process of creating Udacity, Mr. Thrun felt as if he had taken the red pill, and seen Wonderland. He discusses how there are two pills a red and blue one. The blue pill would take him back to the typical classroom and the red pill would take him to wonderland. In so many ways I feel like Mr. Thrun because being in EDM310 my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of technology. Being in EDM310 has made me even more want to get into the school system, so I can use all the tools I have learned in class.

Mr. Thrun believes that "You want learning to be as much fun as it is to play a video game.” I agree with Mr. Thrun. From experience, when students are engaged in a fun learning in environment, they tend to take in the learning process easier. In my opinion, a teacher should teach with what attracts the students. Many students in lower levels are attracted to working on the smartboard. Many of my pre-k lessons are done on a smartboard and they tend to go better than when a lesson is done without the smartboard. Technology is the new classroom and I believe as a teacher, we should evolve into being the professors on the other side.

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Green screen movies Project #11

Blog Post #10

I'm a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga.
I'm a Papermate. I'm a Ticonderoga.
I’m a Papermate. I’m a Ticonderoga. I believe the post is trying to say what you put into your education is what you get out of it. In my opinion, the pencil is the metaphor of how cheap and complacent we are with the technology aspect of education. Mac is the metaphor for how we need to evolve in technology in our schools. I believe the cartoon is trying to state that we need to move with technology in the education life style and not let it move without us. It’s time to put down the old things and pick up the new and that is writing with technology.

Why Were Your Kids Playing Games
Children playing games
In Mr. Spencer’s blog post he discusses how his principal was upset with the fact that he allowed his students to play games. The principal was more concerned with the memorization tests and the teacher doing what he needed to do such as “Drill and Skill Consulting Group” in order for the students to pass the test. Unknowingly, to the principal and students, Mr. Spencer was doing just that. He was teaching memorization by using what the student in his class learned best by and that was a game.

Mr. Spencer’s post Avoiding Social Network in some aspects go hand in hand with Why Were Your Kids Playing Games. In my opinion, letting your students play educational games is a great learning tool. A teacher should teach how the students learn and many students are learning through technology. A teacher should be able to have a very professional conversation with a student. Many times most students do not complete their homework because the parents and the students were confused on the assignment. If the student or parent was allowed to connect with the teacher through the internet I believe more students would turn in their homework. We also have to remember that teachers are human too and we should have every right to have a life outside of school as long as we keep it professional at all times.

Dr. Scott McLeod
Dr. Scott McLeod
Dr. Scott McLeod is an amazing writer, blogger, and teacher. He has received several awards for his technology leadership work. He is the founding director of UCEA Center for the Advanced Study of Technology Leadership in Education (CASTLE). Dr. McLeod is currently working as the director of Innovation for Prairie Lake Area Education Agency 8 in Iowa. He is an author of a book (What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technologies and Social Media) and co-creator of a video series (Did You Know? Shift Happens).

Don’t teach your kids this stuff. Please? In my opinion, Dr. McLeod posts states that many people do not use technology because they are so fearful of the “bad things” that could happen. Dr. McLeod allows his students to use technology because he is aware of where technology is heading. So while everyone else is being foolishly uneducated about the good in technology, Dr. McLeod allows his students to explore the good side of technology. I believe Dr. McLeod was trying to say that there’s more to technology than just sexting and cyber bullying. I believe he was trying to say that students are able to use the creative ability with technology. The world seems so different when you learn through technology. A normal lesson becomes more interesting with a little technology included in it. In the future, having some technology will be a great asset to a wonderful career.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


For my PLN I decided to use Netvibe . My Netvibe is my home page, which I organized to fit my daily needs. As my topic I choose education, therefore I am able to keep up with the daily educational talk. Netvibe consist of tabs, which guides me to highlighted topics on education. I designed my tabs to consist of world news, videos, and Google search all involving education. I truly love using my Netvibe.

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Blog Post #9

What I’ve Learned this Year
Stay Postivie
At the Teacher’s Desk: What I’ve Learned This Year blog is an outstanding learning tool for new and old teachers. The blog consist of seven main points in which he believes is what he learned in his first year of teaching and how beneficial they will be for him in the future. The first topic was on How to Read the Crowd. He discusses how teachers are so concern with the “delivery of the content that they are missing important aspects of teaching, and that is checking for student comprehension.” He also believes that a teacher should be flexible because “NO LESSON IS EVER PERFECT. THE LESSON YOU TEACH AND THE ONE YOU PLAN ARE ALWAYS DIFFERENT.” Mr. McClung discusses how communication “is important in the work place”, as well as” listening to your students”. Being reasonable is important for teachers and to never stop learning. There is always room for every teacher to learn, therefore a teacher should not be afraid to use technology.
I agree that many teachers put the understanding of the lesson at the very end of their list of things to do. Students should not memorize the lesson but they should understand the lesson as a whole, so that they can reapply it later. If the students “drive your instruction” the lessons will become “more effective.” Being flexible is one of the greatest assets a teacher could have and the will-power to learn from their students. I believe that being reasonable, using technology, listening to your students, reading the crowd, being flexible, and communication are the keys to a great teaching career.
What I’ve Learned this year-Volume 4
Students in gym
Mr. McClung volume 4 discusses how he began to question himself as a teacher with his surrounding peers. This year he felt as if he not only had to have the well done from his students and supervisor, but also his peers. It took him most of the year before he realized that peer approval is not the approval he needed. He needed to be true to who he is as a teacher. He was not just worried about his peers but he was also worried about challenging himself as a teacher. Teaching the same subject began to make him relaxed in being creative.
Being a pre-k teacher in a private facility has its challenges. There is one set curriculum which comes with books and guides. After being there for five years, I as well began to reuse lesson plans because everything is already given to me. This year I was able to start fresh because I started the year with a new co-teacher. Being with my new co-teacher I am able to create new lesson plans and use my creativity.

Project #12

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2
Dr. Richard Miller
This is How We Dream videos was very incredible and it was wonderful to see where Richard saw the future heading with technology. It’s great that technology is evolving but at the same time it is very scary. Richard showed us where the world is now with technology and where he hopes it’s heading in the future. He discussed incremental and fundamental stages of technology. Incremental is the now and fundamental is what he hopes the future will be.

Richard believed that he was “living at the moment of the greatest change of human communication” in 2008. In 2008 was the time to really buckle down with reading and writing. Richard talked about incremental changes and the fundamental changes. Incremental is where we are now and that is working with our desktops/laptops. With incremental changes you could research the “riches of the world.” He was able to connect his research on school violence with “cultural and social commit to violence record to government documents.” The document was a printed document on his desktop and a web base document. With the incremental changes he was able to create documents, which was made up of print, pictures, and sounds.

I believe Richard Miller was saying that fundamental changes are composing with the web itself. He stated that “alphabet and images will be used to compose lectures or text.” The fundamental changes seem as if it would be a great way to interact with the world even better than now. I agree with Richard that “We as educators must be in the business of sharing ideals freely.” A teacher shouldn't have to recreate the wheel. The web is a great place for teachers to share or help one another. I think incremental works great now for teachers, but I do believe in the future we will have advanced to the fundamental way of sharing information.

Blog Post #12 by Carly Pugh
Carly Pugh
Carly Pugh’s blog post was marvelous. She used YouTube in a way that I never knew was possible. The creation of her YouTube project was hands down an example of Richard’s hope for the future. She was able to write her philosophy on teaching with media tools. It is Richards hope for the future that we will one day be writing with media. I believe the media way she wrote her philosophy was a lot more understandable than if she would have written it down on a piece of paper. It seemed to have brought her ideals to life. I think she was extremely close to Richard’s hope for the future and I believe if she had used more than just YouTube she would have been dead on with Richard’s beliefs.

Jaime Miller A.k.A Chipper
The Chipper series and EDM310 for dummies was fantastic. In the beginning of class, I thought that the way class was going was crazy. As time has gone on I have come to really enjoy learning the way I have in EDM310 because I appreciate it a lot more. The videos have also inspired me to want to create a Christian Facebook. Yeah I am going to school to become a teacher, but I also believe as a Christian, Facebook isn’t always pretty. On my site some words and pictures would be permitted. I love to create a digital portfolio of all my work and accomplishments to send for job interviews. In my digital portfolio it will ascent of an example lesson plan created on Prezi , a YouTube video with clips exampling who I am (thanks to Carly Pugh), a timeline toast of my job history, and a movie trailer of all my references. I think that this would be a great way for people to get to know who I am as a person and an employee.

Learn to Change, Change to Learn I agree and disagree with the video. I believe in some cases you cannot teach the basic fundamental of education through technology, but I do believe children have a wider range of research through the internet. I also believe that standardized testing is over doing it because what the children are expected to memorize for those test they may not need. On the other hand standardized testing is needed but it should be to see if the child is gaining the knowledge which is being taught. I do not believe in standardized test in the way we do them now because the teachers are becoming more of test teaching teachers. Many teachers teach the test in fear of losing their jobs or getting in trouble with their boss. When I was going to elementary school standardized testing wasn’t on the top of teachers list because they weren’t as important then and I was able to have a creative learning environment.
Edmodo is a wonderful site, which I would use to platform my classroom curriculum. Edmodo would be used to blog with parents and teachers from schools all over the world. I would use the site to inform parents of class assignments, extra assignments, school news, and questions. Edmodo would be a requirement for all students to socially network for class projects. I would also be able to privately discuss any parent concerns or grades.

The program which created Teaching In The 21st Century was Prezi. The program prices are very reasonable for both teachers and students. The public price is zero dollars for 100mbs. To enjoy yourself there is a low fee of $4.95 for 500mb of storage,to make your site private, to create your own logo, and premium support 24/7. For the Pro's it is a low fee of $13.25 for 2gb of storage,core features,use Prezi desktop,prmium support 24/7, use your own logo, and make your Prezi private.

Make beliefs comix

Animoto is a site which takes videos, pictures, and music to create a video. To create your video you can use your Facebook account or photo stream. The video would be set up with background music, the dates flashing in between photos, and photos or videos. The music can be music already available or you can upload music. You could design with a personal theme of you own or pick a theme.

Who is Smarter Boys or Girls?

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C4T#2 Summary

All They Want
Becky Goerend
In Mrs. G's post she discusses how writing is not her strong suite and how she plans on improving it this year. During the summer Mrs. G attended the Solution Tree PLC conference in St. Louis, which is something she always does. This conference was a little different because it helped her to find a new way to solve the problems she, as well as her students had with writing. She came up with using "Mentor Texts" that she hoped to really improve on this year. She ended the post with the questions "What are some mistakes you've made in your classroom? How can you take a risk and be transparent about those mistakes to help others learn?"
My Summary
As a pre-k teacher, I have not made very many mistakes in writing because I am able to prepare/pre-write. How can I take a risk in writing when the students are pointing out when I make a mistake and show them how to correct the mistakes. Reading your blog showed me that I need to involve my students a little more with my writing because a pre-k teacher is the first step to their educational life.

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Project 9b

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog Post #7

The Network Student
The network student video was an amazing and informational video. The student was able to find valid information with a little assistant from the teacher. The teacher came from connectivism base learning, which she implemented in her classroom. The teacher begins the class by making sure the students have the basic computer network skills before moving on to projects. The teacher never did lectures and the student’s did not have a text book. The teacher had the students take control of the learning by connecting to students online.

Since there are no lectures or text books, the resource used by the network students are scholarly websites, ITunes8, social book mark, blogs, reader tool, and MP3 player. The student begins searching other blogs before he creates a blog of his own. TheMP3 player is used to listen to lectures of great professors and the social bookmark is to mark site with articles that he likes or that may interest someone else. The reader tool is used to tell when a blogger has posted an update. ITunes8 gives him access to professors all over the world.

The network student reminds me so much of EDM310 because Dr. Strange is there to help guide you to the place that you need to be without giving you the answer. Why does the Network Students even need a teacher? The network student needs a teacher to teach him how to correctly maneuver through the internet. She guides him with the appropriate steps, so the student can successfully complete an assignment. She helps him understand how to differentiate between valid and invalid information.

Welcome to My PLE A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment, network student, and EDM310 (PLN) are all one in the same. They begin with the basic fundamental of the internet. The knowledge of how to operate a computer is something a student should have before beginning the class. Each student spends time researching and free flowing through the internet. The students are able to freely complete the assignment without the guidance of a teacher. The teachers are there to help as needed. Many times the students are able to complete the projects without or little to no assistant from a teacher. The teachers are mainly there for moral supports because they are trying help you build the knowledge so you will be able to apply it on your own in the real world.
Small children on large computers

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blog Post #6

Randy Pausch Randy Pausch
Randy Pausch
is a wonderful motivational speaker. It’s amazing to watch a video of a man with his medical background still give great speeches to encourage people. Randy seemed to be in better health then I am in now. It was great to see how life still goes on no matter what the outcome may be. Randy knows that time is short for him, but that did not stop him from delivering his last great lecture.

Randy talked a lot about childhood dreams and how he accomplished them in some kind of way. My childhood dreams are something that I took for granted. By watching the video I learned that completing my dream could have made the outcome of my life a lot different. As a teacher, I will make sure that the students in my class can accomplish their dream or give them advice on how to accomplish their dreams. Dreams make you into the great person that you will be as an adult. By watching the video I learned that dreams are not stupid, but they are meaningful.

My favorite quote from Randy’s video was about the football coach. The team wanted to know why the coach did not bring a football to football practice, the coach asked the team “How many players are on the field and how many have the ball at that time?” The teams response was “22 players and one has the football.” The coach then explained how “They were going to work on what the other 21 players are doing.” That statement told me that it’s not about the job everyone else is doing but what you are doing. As a teacher, I will no longer worry about what the other teacher did or didn’t do, but what I could do to make it better.

It was sad to hear that Randy passed, but in his lectures he left words of encouragement for teachers and parents. First, is to never give up on your childhood dreams. Second, it’s not about what everyone else is doing but what you are doing. Third, life goes on, so do your best to be your best. Those three things will be something that I will share with my children as a parent and teacher.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Timetoast time line

C4K#1 Summary

Comments for Kids My first comment 4 kids at where I made a comment on Tomi and Valen's blogs. Tomi is a fifth grade boy, who is thrilled about his reading project. He was reading a book that other children his age were reading in a different county. It was great to read that Tomi was excited about his reading project. I informed him about my literature class and how everyone read the same thing every week, but we all have different opinions. I also shared with Tomi how books are great to read, but they are even better with a partner.

Valen is a fifth grade boy , who was currently watching the Olympics and was a little upset about his team losing to the United States. Valen's favorite sport is basketball and he loves Manu Ginobili. I stated how I never like sports until my boys began playing, but the sport I really like is baseball. I also stated how I was not able to watch the Olympics this year because I had been so busy. I encourage both Tomi and Valen to keep up the good work.
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog Post #5

The ISchoolInitative

In The ISchoolInitative, Travis is arguing the importance of using technology in the classroom. He believes that it would not only be beneficial to the students, but also to the teachers and parents. The ISchool will help with teacher shortages and the overcrowded classroom because it will save $600.00 per student. This will allow the school system to have more money to accommodate more teachers. The savage per student is due to the IPhone touch, which many students already own. On the IPhone, there are several apps that are beneficial to students. The cost of this project is only around $150.00 per student.
The ISchool captivated my mind. I agree with Travis that it will be very beneficial to the schools. The school my sons are currently attending is already practicing with technology. They do not have computers for each student in the classroom, but they do send everything home by email. They use edmodo to turn in their homework assignment. The things that really blew my mind was all the features that are already on the IPhone. I use my phone every day and I didn’t know it is capable of all those features.

Eric Whitacre

Watching Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir was amazing to see how everyone was able to come together through the internet and create a brilliant piece of music. Everything flowed so well together and nobody seemed to be a little late with the notes. I loved it and it was truly a blessing to see.

Teaching in the 21st Century
In the video, Teaching in the 21st Century, Kevin Roberts believes that teaching is turning from the old method of pencil, paper, and text book to computers. I believe that Mr. Roberts is saying that students no longer need teacher’s to hold their hands through lessons anymore because they can now search it out for themselves. We as the educators now need to take our places and begin to help them learn how to use the internet wisely. This means that our projects and homework assignments should now consist of using the internet to gain the answers. I believe our future will consist of becoming technology teachers, so therefore we need to become more knowledgeable.

Why I Flipped My Classroom
Why I Flipped My Classroom and Flipping the Classroom - 4th Grade STEM are great to help teachers reach every student’s individual needs, which can be very challenging sometimes. I love the idea of flipping your classroom. Flipping your classroom reminds me a lot of because the students who are way above some of the other students can do projects that consist of what they are learning. The other students are able to recap with their parents for further assistant. My son’s third grade teacher says that "flipping her classroom with the edmodo website has been very affective" (Mrs. Woodward. Flipping my classroom would be something that I will try because it’s beneficial to both the students and the teachers.
Flipped classroomsign

My Sentence Movie

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Post #4

Langwitches 1st Grade Create Own Read Along Book

Langwitches podcast blowed my mind. It was great to see students engaged in a learning activity and having fun at the same time. The podcast seemed to be a great tool that helped the students build each another reading level. I was amazed that a simple little book turned into a great deal to students. The students was so engaged with the activity, that they began to take it over. Technology has come a long way and it's becoming very beneficial to the children.

I could really say that the podcast activity turn into one of those great teachable moments, which gets better the more you go on. My favorite activity was Flat Stanley. I learned from Langwitches podcast activity is that the best way to teach is where the children mind set is at during that time. Right now students are really into technology and they seem to catch on when you involve them into the learning process. Children are tired of the old pencil and paper way. Reading out of the book in boring, but hearing your audio voice reading to you is great.

Baby on IPad


Welcome To My Mind

Angela Rand Welcome To My Mind blog discussed research for her Library Instruction Model. During the time of this blog, her mind was pulling in many different ways. Her main focus stayed on her Library Instruction Model. She created and presented a Library Instruction Model to a group of professional librarians. The library Instruction Model was designed for librarians. It was to replace the old system and become more useful, motivating, and effective for librarians.

I believe the Library Instruction Model would be a great asset for librarinas. Sometimes change is for the better. Librarys have evolved so much since I was a child. The presentation of the Instruction Model seemed like a great step in the right direction.

PhdChat Wordle
Angela Rand does an online Twitter chat with other people who are trying to get a doctoral degree. Sometimes being on those online chats became a little overwhelming because she could be involved in serveral chats at once. The chats were wonderful and gave her a chance to have conversations with other peers in the same field. Online conversation was a great tool for her future. The only thing she didn't like about the online chats is that you never really understood someones intentions.#PhDchat

Being in EDM310 has showed me that I don't know half of what I thought I knew about the internet. Twitter is one acoount I thought I would never use. I have been on Twitter for the passed two weeks and I enjoy it; even though, I still don't know what I am doing.The internet is an open book I so far am loving to read.